Under Privileged Advancement By Youth (UPAY)

Utilization of Funds

Funds received through ISBAA will be used to set up and operate Oxygen support centres. Our current target is to set up 20 oxygen beds where oxygen will be provided to people whose oxygen levels have fallen upto 80% and who have neither been able to find any hospital nor have been able to arrange home care.

These centres will be equipped with oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders for the patients which will aid them till the time they arrange for hospital.

UPAY will also work to provide medical supplies, tele consultations, food, SOS vehicles for transportation to the hospitals & nursing staff for the underprivileged section of society.

One such support centre with 10 beds is already open. Link to facility tour: https://youtu.be/bBEucwamusI

Impact of the project

Our Oxygen support centres will help people who are dealing with COVID crises and not able to get oxygen supplies on time. In the current situation we have seen that there is a dire shortage of oxygen, family members of patients are running all over in panic to arrange for supplies and there are many unfortunate ones who have lost their loved ones due to delay in making arrangements.

Moreover, due to high rates of such supply and illegal practices, many people from marginalised families are not able to get treatment either in private or in government hospitals. These oxygen support centres will come in aid for such patients thus allowing them to buy time while regular resources are arranged.

Area of Services

Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur, Gurugram, Noida, Mouda, Gadarwara