Structure & Governance

The ISB Alumni Association is a legal entity (registered society) under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act., 2001 (Act No. 35 of 2001).
Upon graduation, all ISB PGP, PGPMAX, PGP MFAB, and PGPpro students automatically become members of this association.

ISBAA is governed by a comprehensive set of articles and bye-laws and is managed across 3 layers:

Advisory Board – Responsible for Strategic Direction and Oversight.

Members of the Advisory Board include:

🔹 ISB Dean
🔹 Tenured Faculty Member, ISB
🔹 Next Generation Leaders Board & Executive Board member, ISB
🔹 3 Distinguished Alumni

Senate – Responsible for Strategy, Implementation and Operations.

Elected members of the Senate Include:

🔹 President
🔹 General Secretary
🔹 Treasurer

Selected members of the Senate Include:

🔹 Portfolio Director – Branding & Development
🔹 Portfolio Director – Chapters
🔹 Portfolio Director – Special Interest Groups
🔹 Portfolio Director – PGP Max

Ex-officio Member

🔹 Previous Senate President

The tenure of Senate members is 3 years.

Secretariat – Responsible for Day-To-Day Execution and Operations

Full time employees of ISBAA

For more information on current senate and secretariat office, click here.

Copies of association articles and bye-laws are available with the Secretariat for all Alumni.