School alumni Services

ISB provides a host of lifelong learning and engagement opportunities for it’s Alumni. These are managed by the School’s Alumni Engagement team.


A platform for the Alumni to indulge in lifelong learning and enhance professional skills. Includes a remarkable array of educational events, online/ in-person seminars and workshops, opportunities to audit electives, and access to select databases and journals.


Connect and engage with your fellow Alumni across the world. Our Alumni work in a wide spectrum of industries, such as consulting, technology, finance, real estate, media, manufacturing, IT, telecom, automobile, energy, and healthcare.

Career Services

World-class & lifelong career offerings to match Alumni’s aspirations, competencies, & goals with current and future opportunities.

Get Involved

Volunteer for events, be a speaker, hire from ISB, be part of interview panels, and much more. Come, make the ISB community stronger.

Resources and Benefits

Connect & Network

Learning Centre

Service Requests

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Executive Education

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Policies & Guidelines

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Wellness & Beyond