Spark Studio

Spark Studio is a global online learning platform for children (For ages 5 to 15), offering high-quality courses across music, communication skills, and visual arts, to develop creativity and confidence. Over 5000 students, across 9 countries, have learnt with Spark Studio.

Why learning at Spark Studio is Awesome:
🔹 Age-appropriate courses
🔹 Taught by experts & artists 
🔹 Curriculum designed by leaders in their respective fields
🔹 Small Group, interactive classes
🔹 Real learning outcomes, with real fun!
🔹 No parent assistance is required

Courses Offered:

🔹 Music: Western Vocals, Guitar and Keyboard

🔹 Communication Skills: The Art of Storytelling, Dramatic Storytelling, Debate, and Public Speaking

🔹 Visual Arts: Art, Stop-Motion Animation and Photography

🔹 Get 30% off on purchase of any course across Music, Communication & Arts! Use the code: ISB30 on checkout.

🔹 Visit our website for more details:

🔹 Free trial sessions are available and can be scheduled online.

🔹 For any queries or issues, you may:
    a. Write to or 
    b. Whatsapp/call us on +91 6363701578.

🔹 The offer is valid up to 20th August 2021.