Oorjaa is a social enterprise that has the vision of enabling a transparent, collaborative, and interdependent social sector. We have been working with over 60 NGOs on various causes including Menstrual Hygiene, Nutrition, and Health, Education, LGBTQIA rights, etc. over the last 5 years. We aim at bringing the donors, volunteers, and NGOs closer to each other.

The extent of this crisis required us to try and help everyone we can. Team Oorjaa took up the task of providing relief in form of essential supplies in Chandigarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana during 2020-21.

Team Oorjaa – CoronaVirus Relief 2021 Taskforce

The funds being raised will be used with a threefold objective:

1. Amount of INR 6 Lakhs: Oorjaa has identified 1000 families to provide ration, masks, sanitizers in different parts of the regions with the help of their SPO(Social Purpose Organisation) Partners for a period ~ 3 months. Read more about the campaign – https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-team-oorjaa?utm_source=whatsapp&utm_medium=created

2. Amount of INR 15 Lakhs: To procure and provide within our partner network and individual case basis – 100 oxygen concentrate machines, 100 oxygen cylinders. The beneficiaries of this fund will be the population in Chandigarh tricity (Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali). On 1st May 2021 there were NO ICU L3 beds and very few oxygen beds, resulting in a massive demand -supply mismatch of the number of fresh cases. Oxygen concentrator machines will be given to those in need based on doctor’s recommendation only and to patients who have a valid RT-PCR report in the region of Chandigarh tri-city. These machines will be imported for us by already identified vendors in Chandigarh who are Healthcare suppliers to various Hospital in Chandigarh tri-city.

Since many years and have a strong reference from doctors and will be procuring a new lot of machine on 15th May. So we only have limited days in hand to meet our target of raising funds for 10 machines.

Oorja’s group of 30+ volunteers, who are also planning to deliver a free oxygen service for those who cannot afford it.

Impact of the project

These are trying times and thousands of families still remain unaided. Ration, masks, gloves, sanitisers, oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders are the basic things they’re still deprived of. The bulk of firefighting is still on front-line workers. More people will die of hunger than the pandemic and the lack of oxygen, if we don’t take the issue on a war footing. Yet, together, we can shake that up. We are aiming at providing ration and other basic amenities to 1000 families and oxygen cylinder/concentrator supply across the tricity based on the database we are updating regularly.

Oorjaa’s COVID-19 response efforts in 2020:

Last year, with the support of Oorjaa’s institutional and individual donors, the team was able to serve over 3000 families with ration and sanitation kits of varied compositions (according to need) for the whole lockdown period. These families were of daily wage earners including labor families, household workers, and vendors, and mark the vulnerable sections both for the spread of disease and the effects of an economic slowdown caused by the pandemic. With you by our side, we they are well prepared to repeat these efforts, if not go beyond.

Some of the specific response efforts undertaken so far include:

🔹 Supported the Government’s rapid response teams by bringing together the partner ecosystem and identifying vulnerable populations in highly exposed pockets and driving Food Security, WASH, Education, General Safety, and Mental Health initiatives.

🔹 Served over 3,00,000 meals and provided ration and sanitation kits for over 3200 families (specifically daily wage earners), – Helped in bridging the digital divide to access to education for 80 students

🔹 Provided 425 PPE Kits to 2 Government Hospitals

🔹 Conducted interactive online workshops, and leveraged virtual platforms to promote Mental Health Awareness

🔹 Led an alliance of 19+ national and local donor/community-based SPOs, academic institutions, corporates, and banks

🔹 Institutional donors that supported us included ResponseNet, Zomato Feeding India, ISB Alumni Association, AU Finance Bank, HealthKart, Goonj, Merchant Navy Officers Association, Indigo, Ferrero, and more

🔹 Mobilized funds and resources ~ INR 45 Lakh via the above alliances and specific Oorjaa led initiatives such as Oorjaa CART, ResourceSHARE – MLE ~ maintained a database of beneficiaries being served through different initiatives to ensure that the resources mobilized are utilized efficiently

🔹 Recognized by digital media and radio channels including 94.3 FM Radio, Vogue India

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