No Food Waste

Utilization of Funds

The funds would be used as follows:

a. Funding for the Central Kitchens at various spots across the cities for preparing food and feeding the needy. During this 2nd wave we are focusing more on Hospitals, COVID Care Centers.

b. Supporting low-income and daily-wage earners with the following: Ration Kit consist of 10 Kg rice, 5 Kgs of wheat, 1 Lit of oil, 1 kg of Sugar & Salt, 250 grams of Masala powders – 2 No’s, 2 Kgs of Dhal – Each kit is costing Rs. 1000/- including packaging into kits. Hygiene kits – Hand wash – 100 Ml, Soap – 4 No’s, Towel, Phenol – 2 Litres, Mask – 4 No’s, Sanitary pad -1 packet, Detergent – 1 Kg – Rs. 500/kit

c. Providing Immunity Boosting Natural drink to front line workers.

d. We are setting up control rooms and call centres with volunteers along with district administrations to support Bed Management queries, oxygen queries, food and other supports through our field teams.

e. Persons who are advised to self isolate in home and who can’t afford for medications and food are provided with home isolation kit Contents of Home isolation kit worth Rs. 3000/- Dolo 650mg- 2 Strips, Azithromycin 500mg-1 strip, Montek LC-1 strip, Betadin Mouth gargle-1, Vitamin C -2 Strips, Beplex forte – 1 strip, Vaporizer -1, Karvol plus – 10, Pulse oxymeter -1, Sanitiser small sprayer-1. Along with this we are partnering with other nonprofits to support with tele-consultation with doctor and psychiatrist.

Impact of the project

1) The project is primarily aimed at supporting low-income and daily-wage earners who are affected by the Covid situation.

2) Provide support both in terms of monthly ration and medicines for home-quarantine to alleviate the sufferings of those infected with Covid.

3) Support the front-line workers and Covid-Care centres for distribution of freshly prepared food from our central kitchens.

Area of Services

Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai