Mahashakti Seva Kendra

Utilization of Funds

1. Community kitchens have been set up in Bhopal to provide safe meals to the attendants of patients and frontline workers (health, police and other essential services). We are actively seeking funds to help us operate these kitchens.

2. Manufacture of masks and distribution of masks and hand sanitisers to everyone from the low income groups , health workers and other essential service providers.

3. Dry Rations (dal, rice and non-perishable items) are being distributed to low income group families who have lost livelihood due to the pandemic. currently all these activities are currently being done by crowd sourcing funds.

Impact of the project

🔹 The activities and contribution of the NGO during the pandemic have been recognized by the civil administration in Bhopal. The under privileged sections of our society have been very badly affected – especially with the unimaginable hospital costs and hyper inflated costs of medicines.

🔹 The community kitchen established by our NGO is catering to nearly 1000 people daily in the 3 major govt hospitals in Bhopal. AIIMS, Hamidia and ‘1250’ hospitals. 1000 food packets are distributed including milk and fruits for children daily.

🔹 Sanitisers and masks are being distributed – till now 2000 sanitisers and 30,000 masks have been distributed in slum communities in Bhopal.

Area of Services