Enrich Lives Foundation

Utilization of Funds

For setting up primary care centre for COVID patients in Mumbai’s slums. NGO has been working with slum dwellers since more than a year, and has found that many of them don’t even report COVID symptoms or go to free treatment hospital as they have mental block of not wanting to move out of their ‘basti’. They believe ‘somehow’ they’ll be fine, and this mindset has led to casualties. NGO is in the process of setting up and running a 50 bed care centre in a community hall housed within the slums of Govandi, where these people find it safe to get treated. Will also provide food during the stay. Key costs are initial setup expense, recurring medical supplies costs, doctors’ and nurses’ salary, and property rent. Note that the attached brochure doesn’t mention about this project, it will be updated once live.

Impact of the project

Timely treatment of COVID patients in safe environment, who otherwise live in highly crowded slums. There’s not enough space to even self quarantine. This project will also prevent contagion among others, including their immediate family.

Area of Services