Dignity Drive Foundation

Utilization of Funds

1) Community level response around disease surveillance and first line of treatment: supplying oximeters, isolation centers at Panchayat level, rapid testing tools, medicine kits, protective gear to volunteers and community healthcare workers etc.

2) Accelerating vaccination efforts: community campaigns, refrigerated vans / cold chain supply chain for last mile delivery

Impact of the project

Focus is mainly classified into three main categories which fall under the emergency category:

1) Oxygen: Most of the medical organisations today are in dearth of oxygen cylinders with the shortage and increase in the need for oxygen supplies. With the bed’s ratio being 1 for 1000 patients being admitted, oxygen cylinders would be around 1:5000 considering at least 5 cylinders for each person. Thus, we yearn to bridge some of this gap in whatever best way possible.

2) Hospital Equipment: We are getting a lot of requests from local volunteers and hospitals for basic medical equipment like NIV Masks, BIPAP machines, Surgical gloves, IVs, basic medicines at MRP.

3) Food: This is two-fold

a. Food for the underprivileged: The gap between the rich and poor is only increasing and today we do not know where the underprivileged and the daily wage workers are direly hit and today, they do not have food to eat, let alone medical support.

b. Gratitude to frontline workers: We are invaluably grateful to the work that our frontline workers do relentlessly day and night and we’d like to provide food for the nurses, medical helping staff, security, ambulance riders, cremation helpers The above services would be provided in hospitals in AP, Telangana and areas where currently there is dire need. Approximately touching more than 1000 lives and at least 250 frontline workers and hospital staff

Area of Services

Primarily Telangana, Andhra Pradesh