Ashwini Trust

Utilization of Funds

Home care for suspected or confirmed Covid 19 and Care & medicine supply for non-covid patients.

To conduct Covid-19 testing in GAH using the Trunat closed RTPCR machine for;

1. Symptomatic people of the adivasi community

2. Pregnant women who require procedures, patient’s requiring emergency surgeries and procedures of the adivasi community

3. Hospital and other healthcare staff

Impact of the project

1!) Reduce the number of people contacting Covid 19 infection -Prevent mortality and morbidity by Covid-19 among the vulnerable tribal community.

2) Prevent unnecessary complications arising out of delay for tribal patients requiring emergency surgical or obstetric care –

3) Prevent transmission of Covid-19 by health care workers and to protect their morale during this crisis situation

Area of Services

Adivasi communities in Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu