Covid Support Impact | NGOs

Oorjaa Sustainable Solutions LLP

Oorjaa (positive human energy), is a unique e-commerce platform in the development sector(Social Enterprise) that brings together Social Purpose Organisations(SPOs) (and the vulnerable communities they serve), donors, and volunteers.

Presently, we have partnered with 22 community-based SPO partners and 8 Covid Care Facilities so far to carry out the below-mentioned objectives for our COVID-19 Relief Taskforce:

🔹 Ration Kits supply for 1200 families for a period of ~3 months
🔹 Immunity Kits, Medicine Kits, and Essential Medical Equipment
🔹 Loaning(for free) of Oxygen (Concentrators and Cylinders)
🔹 Supporting with essential Medical Equipment.
🔹 Covid-19 awareness about covid-19 precaution and recovery

Surge Impact

Surge Impact Foundation (SIF), which is a Section 8, not-for-profit organisation based in Hyderabad runs the state initiated official CSR Cell – T-Social Impact Group (T-SIG).

CSIA has already mobilized over 500 dedicated volunteers to support people in multiple states and to locate and coordinate aid. Our approach is to provide vital resources to the patient/guardian through a fastest, most relevant, and most helpful solution. CSIA has already worked with 3000+ patients.

Among other things, Surge Impact is providing assistance in procuring necessities including:
🔹 Oxygen Cylinders / Concentrators
🔹 Medical Supplies / equipment
🔹 Food and non-medical Supplies

Mrida Education and Welfare Society

Mrida Education and Welfare Society initiated the Covid Swasthya Seva Project along with Pradan and Parivar since 4th, May, 2021 for reaching out the marginalised tribal community of the Mahakaushal region of M.P.

We started the work in 30 villages of Mohgaon block of Mandla district, and now expanding the work in other districts/ blocks and states with the support of other NGOs/ networks.

Medical Services Provided:
🔹 Door to door case identification
🔹 Free tele-consultation with doctors
🔹 Follow-up – counselling
🔹 Free medical kit at door step