Back to Work

With great enthusiasm, we inform you that ISBAA has partnered with Flexing It® to support alumni and their spouses to tap job opportunities for short term projects and roles. 

Flexing it is a platform that helps organisations to access and to work with high-quality independent consultants, and project-based resources efficiently and at scale

Flexing It® is a marketplace for consulting, freelance and part-time projects. Flexing It’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies, top-tier consulting firms, leading development sector organisations as well as startups.

Flexing It® maps the registered candidates with relevant roles and projects globally and across core business functions such as marketing, strategy, HR, technology & management.

You may register here using your ISB Email ID and find the projects and clients of your choice while managing your time! Some of the Highlights of Exclusive Services are :

🔹 Dedicated landing page for ISBAA network.

🔹 A dedicated SPOC for handling queries related to gig opportunities.

🔹 Regular workshops /Seminars to participate effectively in Professional Gig Economy. 

🔹 Monthly Newsletter summarising Opportunities and case studies relevant for ISB Alumni.

🔹 Proactive mapping of alumni to opportunities available on the platform.