Give for a Cause

As responsible Alumni, we all have come together at some point and contributed for causes which means something to us. We have reached out to our fellow alums, batchmates, groupies and advocated these causes. ISBAA wants to institutionalise this thought process.

If you have a cause you are passionate about and want to share with the community, write to us. We will ensure that it gets the traction and reach it deserves in the Alumni community.

With our global footprint, the ISB Alum community has the strength to make a difference across multiple communities and causes and hopefully ISBAA can be the agent of change to do so.

This is our fundraiser for our classmates and friends whom we have lost along the way. While the recent unfortunate losses due to Covid set this in motion – we also hope to provide financial support to Alum families in future.

Every small bit counts and will go a long way in ensuring the financial well-being of the families of our departed alumni. 
Here is the link for you to read more and contribute-
This is our fundraiser which is focused on providing immediate Covid support. The proceeds from this initiative will go towards medical capacity building and meeting immediate Covid requirements for our ISB community and beyond.

ISBAA is pledged to donate with immediate effect, INR 30 Lakhs from AA funds for this initiative. 
Here is the link to read more and contribute: