With the rise in Covid-19 cases in India, many of us are worried about our physical health. While we hope you and yours are safe, we’re reaching out to ensure that you’re doing well on the mental health front as well. 

AMIGO, an initiative started in April 2020 by ISBAA, has seen many alumni seeking assistance to cope with many aspects of this pandemic. Be it uncertainty on the personal/professional front, grief over loss of a loved one or despair,  this initiative is here to support you through this time.

ISBAA has collaborated with TickTalkto and ISB counsellors to provide professional counseling services to ISB Alum Community.

CONFIDENTIALITY’ of calls/callers is prime and will be maintained. The information is kept anonymous and confidential. The data is not available to anyone including ISB Alumni Association.


🔹 ISB Alumni Association and TickTalkTo are collaborating to help us look after our mental health.

🔹 As an ISB alum, you can now avail free counselling during these challenging times.

🔹 Follow the link –

🔹 For any technical challenges w.r.t  availing services, please whatsapp at 8054818430.

Sessions with ISB Counsellors

🔹 Write to Havovi and Zenobia at and Roopali at to schedule 1-1 sessions

🔹 Every alum would be able to avail first two 1 on 1 sessions with ISB Counsellors absolutely free of cost and ISBAA will foot the bill.

🔹 Ensure to use the code – AMIGO ISBAA in the subject line, while writing the email to the ISB Counsellors

🔹 Please find the profiles of ISB Counsellors – Havovi, Zenobia & Roopali here –