Alserv, a unique startup that provides assisted living solutions for seniors

Headquartered in Chennai, Alserv is fast becoming the go-to platform for every senior in Chennai, Coimbatore and Kochi, to avail a range of services for both daily and ad-hoc needs. Our specialised call center (with full-fledged BCP) has dedicated personal representatives/assistants that develop a close relationship with their senior customers to deliver a highly customised, affordable, and convenient experience. We also provide services through the Alserv app, designed especially for the typical senior citizen, and has easily navigable options that anyone can use on a smart phone. 

Alserv charges a nominal membership fee on INR 1,000 per month or INR 10,000 per year in order to avail our services. Once a family has taken a membership  we will bring together the best of professionals and vendors, and the customer has to pay only for the services they avail. There are no bundled services or packages offered, in order to give customers the flexibility of choosing only those services they want. This is a huge advantage over retirement communities, since such places tend to charge by the package, irrespective of what services are used or unused. 

All payments are transparent and done through the platform. Our personal representative will ensure that service delivery is complete without any issues and interruptions. For example, if a particular nurse is unavailable during an emergency, Alserv will take swift action to replace the professional with an equally qualified nurse. We are extremely proud to say each of our customers has been extremely happy with our services, and there have been no complaints or negative feedback with quality of services. 

Following are the Suite of Services that Alserv provides –

  • Safety & Security – Safety audit, getting the house senior friendly with anti-skid tiles, grab bars and railings in required places, security gadgets, guard on call and periodic supervision. 
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance- Regular upkeep of the house including, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, pest control and laundry services.
  • Food & Catering – Curated and customisable cuisine made to the taste buds and needs of people, delivery of grocery, fresh fruits and vegetables, cook on call. 
  • Healthcare & Medical – Doctor/nurse on call, diagnostic and x-ray services, caretaker services, medical consumables/equipment and emergency services.
  • Concierge – travel, ticketing, banking, escort services, event management services, logistics planning services for people for concerts, movies and other events within the city.

Please be assured that if a senior need does not fall within any of the above categories, Alserv will create a special request and will try to deliver the services to the best of our abilities. 

How to redeem?

  • Avail Alserv Prime Membership @ Rs.1000 for 3 months exclusive for ISB Alumni
  • Call Alserv Customer Care Chennai- 044 46664888 | Kochi- 07942529666 | Coimbatore- 07947497666 | Bangalore, Mysuru – 08045806666 and register for your subscription.
  • Alumni need to produce their ID card photo while registration
  • Offer valid till 31st December 2021